"Seasonal roads are the unpaved trails and back roads that provide access to summer homes on lakes, rivers, woods, and recreational activities. They are not your typical road beds and are often narrow, swampy and hard to drive on with their sharp turns. Seasonal roads are not designated to handle a lot of traffic and require slow speeds when passing through."

 - CRA


 Michigan has a law that describes how seasonal roads are maintained by the local road commissions. The statute reads that a seasonal road will not be maintained from the months of November through April. Furthermore, it reads, seasonal roads will not be open to public traffic during this time. We do not enforce any closure. Routine maintenance generally consists of grading once or twice per year, usually in the Spring and Summer. The Road Commission does not provide winter services on Seasonal Roads.  Private landowners need to perform their own snow removal. "Seasonal Road" signs are placed on all roads designated as seasonal county roads.