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If you have questions regarding dust control please contact your Township Supervisor.


The Emmet County Road Commission is responsible for maintaining a total of 1,050 miles of roadway which consists of 217 miles of state trunk lines, 244 Primary Road Miles and 589 Local Roads Miles. Primary Roads are generally longer distance, more frequently used roadways of the county. Examples include River Road, Pleasantview Road and Levering Road. Local Roads are typically the shorter distance two-lane roads and residential streets withintownships. Examples include Fletcher Road, Wressel Road, and Armock Road.

The Emmet County Road Commission performs routine maintenance in a continuous effort to keep our road right of way in safe, properly working conditions. This ongoing maintenance on minor issues helps to prevent larger defects down the road, as well as lengthen the life of the road and roadways by preventing an untimely decline in quality.

Right of way tasks include:

  • Debris pickup

  • Guardrail replacement

  • Sign and signal repair 

  • Mowing

  • Tree vegetation control or removal

  • Clearing ditches

  • Grading or leveling

  • Patching potholes

Report any damage to signs, guardrails, or signals here.

Report hazardous tree(s) / tall grass vegetation in the right-of-way, debris filled ditches/culverts, roads in need of grading, and potholes here



Roadside mowing is performed to clear vision at intersections and to keep weeds, grass, and small trees from growing into (encroaching) the roadway.

The Road Commission mows all State highways, primary, secondary, and unpaved roads. This is typically done late April - late October, unless safety issues require more frequent attention.

Property owners can mow their roadsides and/or ditches at any time when vegetation makes sight vision difficult while exiting their driveways.

Our roadside mowing priorities are as follows:

1. Primary roads – Twice per year

2. Local paved roads – Twice per year

3. Local gravel roads – Once per year

4. Clear vision areas at intersections – As needed

5. State Highways – As determined by MDOT

6. Subdivision Streets – NOT mowed

As scheduling permits, crews will address areas along all roads where vegetation may limit the sight distance of drivers at intersections. Drivers are encouraged to report any roadside vegetation causing sight distance issues at intersecting streets by phone or e-mail.


Under MI General Highway Law and County Road Law, ECRC has a legal duty to keep all county roads, bridges, and culverts that are within the County's jurisdiction in safe and convenient conditions for public travelers. With that being said, trees located in the road right of way may constitute a danger or hazard.

In any case where the Road Commission determines that a tree located in the right of way is a danger or hazard, the Road Commission shall order the tree(s) to be removed, and provide the affected landowner with a "Tree Removal Notification Form."


Emmet County Road Commission maintenance crews work hard to keep county and state roads derivable through the changing conditions of Michigan seasons. Depending on the circumstances, response is adapted to address a variety of variables.

ECRC crews remove snow and ice from roadways as efficiently as possible while working to keep roads open and essential traffic moving. Our objective in times of inclement weather is to return road surfaces to normal winter conditions as soon as is viable, by targeting one pass on all roads within a reasonable time of the conclusion of the event. With proper use of storm forecasts, personnel, equipment, and materials, the desired result can usually be attained. However, flexibility is needed to adapt to these different circumstances and change in weather conditions.


As priority for motorist safety, ECRC performs maintenance on the roads with high traffic usage and speeds first. Snow removal crews typically address roadways in the following order:

  1. State Highways - per the priority system provided by the Michigan Department of Transportation

  2. County Primary Roads

  3. Local Paved Roads

  4. County local gravel roads, lake drives, subdivision streets


Please note that, depending on snowfall consistency and drifting from high winds in more exposed areas, ECRC may have to return to the state highways and primary roads before plowing local roads and streets. ECRC targets one pass on all county roads, in as timely a manner as possible, during inclement weather.

ECRC does not accept special requests from the public. Residents in an emergency situation should call 911. The Road Commission will respond as conducted by law enforcement. We wish we could comply with all requests, but equipment and manpower limitations do not permit us to deviate from our predetermined snow plowing system.


As a necessity of winter maintenance, snow will inevitably get deposited onto driveways during snow removal. ECRC maintenance drivers cannot lift their blade at driveways -- doing so would cause the snow to be left on the roadway. Residents are asked to pile the snow on the right-hand side (when facing road) of the driveway to help avoid this issue and avoid the second shovel.




It is illegal to push snow into or across the roadway, whether by a resident or commercial snow plow driver. It is also illegal for a resident or commercial snow plow driver to place snow, ice or slush on the roadway or shoulder of the roadway that results in the hindrance of safety/vision of the driver of a motor vehicle.


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