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The Emmet County Road Commission was established in 1909 and is overseen by a three member board of commissioners. The 43 employees of the Road Commission are responsible for a total of 1,050 miles of roadway which consists of 217 miles of state trunk lines, 244 miles of primary roads, and 589 miles of local roads.


The Road Commission works to keep Emmet County moving with a system of reliable and safe road right of ways. We construct, maintain and preserve this system while working with our townships and responding to the public’s needs. Our team takes pride in maintaining Emmet County's roads. We drive these roads everyday as employees and as residents, as do our families, therefore, safety is our number one priority. None of this would be possible without our dedicated employees,

the assistance, cooperation and patience

from the Townships, LTBB, and, of course,

the residents of Emmet County.

​244 Primary Road Miles:
“Primary Roads” are generally longer

distance, higher volume roadways of the

county. Examples include Mitchell Road,

Pleasantview Road and Levering Road.


589 Local Roads Miles:
“Local Roads” are typically the shorter

distance two-lane collector roads and

residential streets within townships.

Examples include Fletcher Road, Wressel

Road, and Armock Road.



conservation resource alliance

"Conservation Resource Alliance (CRA) is a private, not-for-profit corporation committed to 'sensible stewardship of the land.' Established in 1968 as part of a nationwide network of Resource Conservation and Development Councils, the organization serves northwest lower Michigan.


CRA is known for its collaborative land-use solutions among private landowners, government agencies and commercial businesses. The intent of CRA is not to litigate to prevent development, but to foster locally-driven solutions that will preserve or develop land in a positive manner for all parties involved. Instead of promoting further regulations or lawsuits, our aim is to foster partnerships in order to understand consequences, alter behavior, and create win-win cooperative efforts (CRA;"


Lake Kathleen dam removal/ replacement of Woodland Rd. over the Maple River

Contractors installed siphons to slowly draw down the pond behind the dam on the Maple River. The old culvert tubes that comprise the existing Woodland Road crossing were then removed.  "This activity will result in mobilization of fine sediments and organic material causing the temporary increases in turbidity. Turbidity levels were monitored by the project team throughout the project. The river will gradually clear and continue to heal after the project is complete."

The project ran on schedule, with an expected completion of the construction phase of mid-November. "Ongoing monitoring and restoration activities will resume next spring. No fish relocation has been necessary thus far; fish in the impoundment have access to water and habitat upstream." - CRA


brutus road timber bridge

Below are pictures of the Timber Bridge built on Brutus Road over the Maple River. CRA, Emmet County Road Commission and several others teamed up to work on this project. The old crossing consisted of 2 culverts that were failing to the extent of blocking fish passage. Erosion from the road shoulders and embankment subsequently resulted in excess sand and other pollutants in the river stifling important habitat. The undersized and failing culverts caused flooding and, as a result, the warming of upstream waters. The project involved replacing the existing culverts with a 40 ft. Timber Bridge, which will accommodate the natural flow of the river. In addition, the embankments were stabilized, and road runoff is now properly managed to reduce/eliminate sedimentation at the crossing.

Nature Change published an article and video about the project 


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