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Notice: Effective January 1, 2022 the Emmet County Road Commission has a new zoom account and meeting id.  If you have saved our prior zoom link (which was through the County Road Association Straits Area Council) please make sure you update your records.  If you are trying to connect to one of our meetings by zoom and you are seeing "Straits Area Council" as the host, then you are not in the correct meeting so please log out and use the correct link and id below or click the yellow button.

NEW ECRC Zoom Link   

ID: 565 724 9234

Passcode: 047861

Tips:  If you already have a zoom account and would like to quickly join an Emmet County Road Commission meeting you can click the yellow button on any page to quickly access our zoom meeting room.


Just as in attending any of our open meetings in person, please be prepared to identify yourself so that our clerk can properly document meeting attendees. 

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