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2019 Emmet County Color Peak: 

October 6 - October 23

Northern Michigan is a great place to enjoy the beautiful fall colors with the Tunnel of Trees (M-119)  as well as a number of winding side streets and back roads. Almost any road traveled in Emmet County during peak season is guaranteed to provide a panorama of amazing fall foliage. Below is a list of some of our favorite roads to travel down during the fall season.

Mitchell Road from Fletcher Road to Cheboygan County line

Pleasantview Road from M-119 to Robinson Road

Robinson Road from State Road to Pleasantview Road

State Road from Harbor Springs to Cross Village

Stutsmanville Road from Pleasantview to W. Townline, Townline Road north

Brutus Road from Pleasantville Road to US-31

Welsheimer Road from W. Stutsmanville Road to Middle Village Drive

Middle Village Drive from Welsheimer Road to M-119

Williams Road from US-131 to Resort Pike Road

Resort Pike Road from Williams Road to Indian Garden Road

N. Conway Road from US-31 to Tower Road, Tower Road to Pleasantview Road

Seasonal Roads (click for more information)

FREE County Maps are available at the Road Commission office located at 2265 E. Hathaway Road, Harbor Springs.

We always enjoy seeing the breathtaking scenery captured while traveling down our roads. Please send your pictures of Emmet County roads, during any season, here to be featured on our Facebook page and website. 


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