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Emmet County Road Commission processes all permits through Oxcart Permit System. If you are an individual or a company, you will need to sign-up for a free Oxcart account to submit all permits.


Any questions or concerns regarding permit requirements, contact James Godzik at or 231-347-8142.

Emmet Country Road Commission Permit Handbook

Driveway / Right-of-Way Permits

This permit is required for any work being done within the road right-of-way. ECRC will assess that sight-distance requirements are made for driveway locations, establish if a culvert is required, and the entrance has the proper and correct amount of material.

  • Residential, New Access

  • Residential, Upgrade Approach

  • Commercial Access

  • Private Road/Multi-Family

  • Farm Field Approach

  • Temporary Construction Approach

  • Grading/ Drainage

  • Soil Borings

  • Landscaping

  • Special Assessment

Accessibility Compliance

This permit is required when requesting a Land Division. ECRC will assess that the proper sight-distance is met on a piece of property before a Land Division can be approved by Emmet County Planning & Zoning and/or by the Townships.

Utility Permits

This permit is required to be submitted by the utility companies only for work within the road right-of-way.

  • Overhead Utility Installation

  • Underground Utility Installation​

  • Utility Service Connection

  • Sanitary, Water Main, or Storm Connection

  • Open Cut Road Crossings

  • Bore Road Crossings

  • Annual Blanket Permit

Transportation Permits

  • Single Move

  • Super Move

  • Annual Transportation

  • Single Mobile Home Transportation

  • Annual Mobile Home Transportation

  • Seasonal: Milk, Agriculture, Public Utility

Basic facts about Right-of-Way and how road agencies maintain the Right-of-Way.

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