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The Emmet County Road Commission was established in 1909 and is overseen by a three member board of commissioners. The 43 employees of the Road Commission are responsible for a total of 1,050 miles of roadway which consists of 217 miles of state trunk lines, 244 miles of primary roads, and 589 miles of local roads.

The Road Commission works to keep Emmet County moving with a system of reliable and safe road right of ways. We construct, maintain and preserve this system while working with our townships and responding to the public’s needs. Our team takes pride in maintaining Emmet County's roads. We drive these roads everyday as employees and as residents, as do our families, therefore, safety is our number one priority. None of this would be possible without our dedicated employees,

the assistance, cooperation and patience from the Townships, LTBB, and, of course, the residents of Emmet County.

​244 Primary Road Miles:
“Primary Roads” are generally longer distance, higher volume roadways of the county. Examples include Mitchell Road, Pleasantview Road and Levering Road.

589 Local Roads Miles:
“Local Roads” are typically the shorter distance two-lane collector roads and residential streets within townships. Examples include Fletcher Road, Wressel Road, and Armock Road.

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